The Electoral Commission Corrupted Its Own Voting Count Model for May 2015 General Election

16th July 2016

16 07 16 – Electoral Commission Corrupted Its Own Voting Count Model for May 2015 General Election


Applied I F Limited 


Geoffrey Stansfield 

( full details below ) 


electoral commission corrupted its own voting count model
Geoffrey Stansfield BSc MSc AMCST CEng MICE

Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers for 50 years 

One time Member of Northumbria Police North East Fraud Forum

Director of Applied I F Limited 

Joint Author of #QUIXOTE Interim Report being a Politically Independent  National Forensic Pro Bono Investigation into perceived Voting Irregularities including alleged Fraud by amounts of Added False Ballot Papers at the UK 2015 General Election and earlier 

GS AIFL has been invited by Letter dated 7 January 2016 from FRANK PIKE at the UK Police College to work jointly with the Police College and the Electoral Commission  

There are conflicts of interest for AIFL to work alongside the Electoral Commission since factual evidence of alleged substantial corrupt practice within the Electoral Commission already exists as a finding of fact 

The results of AIFL #QUIXOTE confirm the view of Judge Richard Mawrey QC :-

That Postal Voting Fraud was taking place in the UK on an ” industrial scale ” 

Would recipients kindly note the National Crime Agency Reference Number which has been given to GS together with written advice being OFFICIAL REFERENCE 1122930 Duty Officer ( JG ), NCA CONTROL CENTRE , NATIONAL CRIME AGENCY sent to AIFL 7 July 2016 16.52 ; AIFL REF #CRUX #VOTEGATEUK


GS LS Applied I F Limited 


2-4 Rosebery Crescent



United Kingdom          

16 July 2016 04.00 BST 


Rosebery Hotel

2-4 Rosebery Cresent 


Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 1ET 

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