EXCLUSIVE – Précis Interim Report on widespread Vote Rigging in the UK May 2015 General Election

Public disclosure in the interests of justice of the Applied I F Limited #QUIXOTE Précis Interim Report on 18 months of a politically independent, ongoing, national, pro bono, forensic investigation into widespread electoral corruption (vote rigging) at the United Kingdom General Election held on 7 May 2015, and all elections held since that date.

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In the Interests of justice, and of democracy itself, Applied I F Limited (AIFL) publicly disclose on the sleazeexpo.wordpress.com blog a 10-page Interim Précis Report of a 17 month long ongoing forensic investigation into widespread electoral corruption (Vote Rigging) at the United Kingdom General Election held on 7 May 2015.

This Interim Précis Report of an initially secret (code named #Quixote) ongoing, politically independent, national, pro bono, forensic investigation, is presented in the format of an Excel file, (Sheet 1 spreadsheet being of 10 pages when printed).  A précis of the conclusions of the Interim Report based upon findings of fact with supporting forensic evidence, is disclosed in the interests of justice, and in the public interest by numerous single samples of forensic test exhibits, and which are intended for possible future legal proceedings.

These exhibits (labelled with the prefix “#CRUX”) use Electoral Law with numerical spreadsheet analyses of Parliamentary official election results, combined with the root source of election voting records – these being Council websites.  The #CRUX prefix is used to label Excel file exhibits for submission to police regulators, and is usually followed by the National Crime Agency Reference Number offered to AIFL (GS) being 1122930 (JG). This Excel file exhibit, lists the range and the number of tests (#QUIX Tests) which have been completed over 17 months to date, and it is intended that these results will also be disclosed upon the blog, one at a time, across more than 70 Parliamentary seats, the Associated Press Number System being used to identify each Parliamentary seat which has been numerically tested.

The nature of 4 out of the 5 forensic tests is explained within associated supporting documents, which are additional to the Interim Précis Report. The methodology of one forensic test only is being withheld from public disclosure at this time, and since it is the most complex and thorough, it is being withheld from public disclosure in reserve against potentially corrupt statutory regulators, whilst at the same time being the most powerful method of illustrating on a finding of fact the electoral corruption between separate political parties.

There are now in excess of 200 completed #QUIXOTE bundle exhibits, intended to be used at potential future legal proceedings.  Whilst the #QUIXOTE Interim Précis Report results confirm the view of His Honour Judge Richard Mawrey QC, that postal vote rigging has been taking place on “an industrial scale”, it is believed that the Precis Interim Forensic Investigation Report may perhaps shed light on other areas, additional to postal voting irregularities alone?

Applied I F Limited have created 5 stand-alone forensic audit tests which have been offered pro bono to various police authorities via HM College of Policing. This was in response to the email Invitation dated 7 January 2016, made by Frank Pike, Counter Terrorism Policing Standards Manager, Crime & Criminal Justice, within the College of Policing. The invitation was for GS (AIFL) to work jointly with (A) The Police College’s national lead for the Authorised Professional Practice APP for policing elections, who is DCC Gareth Cann, his Staff Officer and author of the policing elections APP Inspector John Askew 8580. Both Officers are ­­with the West Midlands Force & based in Birmingham, AND (B) The Electoral Commission.

There is considerable information disclosed within the Interim Précis Report which offers many leads and which offers a range of simple, easy to use, forensic electoral audit tools, which currently policing election police officers do not appear to possess. Major cost savings may possibly be made, including the possibility of being able to analyse voting corruption retrospectively.

The main Conclusion of the Interim Précis #QUIXOTE Report is the significant and extremely serious allegation that the Electoral Commission corrupted their own Voting COUNT MODEL, by the Count Model being deliberately altered in breach of Electoral Law from where it had stood for 144 years since the Ballot Act 1872.  This conduct was in breach of the Representation of the People Act 1983 and other electoral statutes so as to omit numerical values of 3 out of 6 Categories of votes. The Interim Précis Report shows the different COUNT MODELS which the Electoral Commission used before and since 2015. This resulted in alleged electoral corruption being possible upon an industrial scale, and directly led to two successive Governments since 2015 being allegedly ULTRA VIRES, since such omissions appear to breach Electoral Law, beginning with the Ballot Act 1872, through the Representation of the People Act 1983, & other electoral statutes.