12th April 2016


1) The EXHIBIT  beneath this link (click to follow) is WHOLLY the creation and work of the Electoral Commission ( EC )

2) It is 5 pages downloaded from the EC website

3) It is the picture which #QUIXOTE has labelled the ‘BLUE SEWER’ 

4) It is called by the EC their ‘VOTING COUNT MODEL’ 

5) #QUIXOTE deems this “definition” or description NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE in analysing electoral irregularities

6) Therefore #QUIXOTE drew up i.e. created a COUNT MODEL which adequately describes the SIX CATEGORIES OF VOTES WHICH OCCUR WHEN AN ELECTION IS HELD

7) This was labelled the ‘GREEN TARGET COUNT MODEL’

8) The next item to follow is the ‘GREEN TARGET COUNT MODEL’ (Microsoft Word document download)